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Our target clients are businesses that are under $100 Million in spend. These are business that may not have the resources or supply chain capabilities of large companies. 


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We work as an extension of your company as a team to reduce costs. For example, if overall expenditures are $30 million, we look for ways to reduce costs resulting in significant savings that go to your bottom line. We help with spend analysis, strategy, taking spend to market, and with implementing changes. All decision making in the process is left up to the client. 

Leaders in improving profitability through better supply chain

We help companies to become more profitable by reducing their costs, increasing efficiencies, increasing revenues, and ultimately to increase their profitability. 

We get paid a percentage of incremental savings or on added value. For example, if your costs are reduced by $1 million (from $10 million to $9 million) we would share in the $1 million in savings. Essentially, this is a risk free proposition to you.